Cabins at The Great Outdoors RV Resort


Love the outdoors, but RVing isn’t quite your thing? We understand. The Great Outdoors RV Resort also has cabins! Cabins combine the best of both worlds: you are still in nature, but also have all of the comforts of home! With your cabin rental, you don’t lose the perks of RVing either. You are able to enjoy all the great things about our park, including participation in all resort activities, as well as access to all of the resort’s amenities. Because our cabins are located within the RV Park, you are never far from things like the heated swimming pool, exercise room, activity room, and laundry. We recently updated our cable and Wi-Fi, so you will never feel disconnected. We have three cabins for you to choose from.

  • Cabin #22 is our one bedroom “studio” cabin, and has a kitchenette with a small fridge, microwave and sink.
  • Cabin #20 is our midsize one bedroom cabin, and has a kitchenette with small fridge, microwave and sink. In the separate bedroom, there is a queen memory foam mattress.
  • Cabin #14 is our largest one bedroom cabin. It is complete with a kitchenette, including a small fridge, microwave and sink. In the bedroom, there is a queen memory foam mattress, with a sleeper sofa included.

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Top Five RV Travel Tips

shutterstock_RV landscape
With yet another holiday approaching, we thought it appropriate to share our top 5 RV travel tips! So, grab a pen, paper, and get ready to enter the wonderful world of RV travel!

1. Have a Travel Plan
RV travel is all about exploring and going anywhere the open road can take you. However, it is helpful to have a set travel plan in place just in case things go awry. Make sure to bring maps, a GPS, or any other accessory that will help determine a route and keep you on track!
2. Make a List 
There is a lot that goes into traveling by RV. Putting together a thorough checklist complete with all RV materials, as well as the things needed to set up a campsite, will make RV travel a lot easier.
3. Don’t Forget the First Aid Kit
Accidents happen! Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit that includes basic medicine supplies and emergency equipment.
4. Plan Activities
What is RV travel without fun activities? If you are traveling with kids, it is always nice to have something planned to make the most of your RV adventure!
5. Inspect, Inspect, Inspect
Before taking your RV out on the road, make sure to test every switch, lever, and electronic part of the RV. Doing this will lessen the chances of anything going wrong while traveling.

These five tips are perfect for the first-time RVer as well as the RV enthusiast! Jot these down, pack up the RV and come visit us! Call 855 349-0431 to make a reservation!

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The Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center

foxfire-museumThe Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center offers a unique look into the history of the Southern Appalachian mountains. The museum was founded and started by a group of students with a unique vision to capture the pioneer culture of the Southern Appalachian mountains. Tucked away in the mountains of Rabun County, the museum offers all visitors the chance to take a step back into America’s past.

At The Foxfire Museum, you will find homes, tools, trades, and crafts that mirror those that belonged to the settlers of the mountains. These objects give guests the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the people who once occupied the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Operating hours for the museum are Monday-Saturday, 8:30am-4:30pm. Admission is $6.00 for ages 11 and older, $3.00 for ages 7-10, and is free for children six and under. The next time you visit us, stop by The Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center and go back in time!

Call 855 349-0431 to book your stay with us today!

Photo of the Foxfire Museum & Heritage Center courtesy of TripAdvisor

The RV Lifestyle

shutterstock_RVCamperThe RV lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, simply because it offers a great deal of travel flexibility. The flexibility that the RV offers makes room for a number of exciting and life-changing memories and activities. Here are our top travel activities courtesy of the RV lifestlye.
1. Sightseeing: The RV lifestlye so gracioulsy offers travelers the opportunity to see all the beauties of the world. Since the RV is a home on wheels, it is easy to travel from place to place without having to stop and rest.
2. Camping: Even though the RV offers the choice to continue traveling without stopping, it also offers the option to stop at a campsite or at an attraction and spend the night under the stars.
3. Exploration: One of the biggest things that the RV lifestyle offers is the chance to explore. Traveling is just half of the RV lifestlye, the journey is the most important part.
Do you have any RV travel activities you like to do while on the road? We want to hear them! Click the link to share them on our Facebook page!

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Luxury in the Middle of the Mountains

Here at The Great Outdoors RV Resort, we want to make sure that each of our guests has a more than enjoyable stay. That is why we offer our guests the option to stay in one of our three luxurious cabins. Each of our cabins offer hassle-free accommodations and include the opportunity to participate in several campground activities, such as bingo, potluck dinners, ice cream socials, game nights, and much, much more.

Cabin #14 is our largest one bedroom cabin. It comes furnished and includes a kitchenette, with a small fridge and microwave, a spacious bedroom, a bathroom, and a sleeper sofa. Also included for your enjoyment, is a high-def 63 channel television, and WiFi. Rates for this cabin begin at $110 per night.



Next up is our mid-sized cabin, or cabin #20. This particular cabin is our newest, and it comes equipped with a small kitchenette, a separate bedroom, a bathroom complete with a stand-up shower, television and a futon. All linens, crockery, cutlery, and glassware are provided. The rate for this cabin begins at $95.00 per night.

cabin 20 (2)cabin 20


Lastly, our studio cabin, or cabin #22, offers one bedroom, a kitchenette, a bathroom with a shower, cable television, and WiFi. Rates for this cabin begin at $85.00 per night.

cabin 22 (1)cabin 22 (2)


If you are traveling to the Smokies and looking for a place to stay, don’t hesitate to try out one of our cabins. They offer all our guests luxury in the middle of the mountains. Call (855) 349-0431 to book your stay with us today!

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

file1211246147194The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited park in America. Known for its unique forest, plant, and animal life, and the beauty of its mountains, the Great Smoky Mountains continues to capture the hearts of people around the world.

Divided between Tennessee and North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park was originally established in 1926. On Spetember 2, 1940, the park was formally dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, making it a park that is enjoyed by millions of people within America and from every part of the world.

The Great Outdoors Resort is conveniently located about 30 mins away from the main North Carolina entrance to the park. If you are looking for an exciting and unforgettable experience, then call us today at 855 349-0431 to make your reservation! The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is waiting for you to come and explore!

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The Evolution of the RV




Adventure has been a major part of the lives of the American people ever since the early days of exploration. People yearn to explore and ultimately discover new things. This yearning and passion Americans have for the unknown has influenced the want and need to travel. In the early days, people traveled by ship, train, motorized vehicle, and eventually, by RV.

The history of the Recreational Vehicle goes as far back as 1910. When the automobile was introduced, the passion for exploration and adventure increased. During this time, there were very few automobile amenities. Gas stations were few and far between, and paved roads were hard to come by. Despite this, the RV made a huge impact on the lives of Americans. Before the birth of the RV in 1910, people camped out in private rail cars that were often pulled to the side of train routes. Camping in these rail cars put many limits on people. It was not easy to travel to different places in a stationary rail car. The RV, created freedom for people. It allowed people to travel anywhere they wanted without limitation.

As time progressed, RV’s became more and more advanced. Beds, dinettes, electricity, and water were installed, and the comfort level of the RV improved. By the 1950’s the RV had finally come into its own. Today, the RV is one of the biggest and most popular ways to travel and camp. Even through all the changes and hard times, America’s love for the RV has never faltered, but continues to endure.

Ready for your next adventure? Call us at (828) 349-0412 to make a reservation!

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The Great Outdoors RV Park Annual Fourth of July Picnic

Patriotic American FlagIt is that time of the year again! It is almost time for The Great Outdoors RV Park annual Fourth of July Picnic! Get ready for tons of fun as we celebrate one of the most patriotic holidays in the United States.

If you attended last year’s picnic, you remember the fun that was had. This year, get ready for much more! As always, we will be grilling up delicious hamburgers and hot dogs for your enjoyment. The pool will be open to help you beat the heat, and there will be awesome live music for your listening pleasure.

Start making your plans now for this amazing Fourth of July celebration! Pack up the RV, grab the family, and the beer, and come spend some time with us! To make your reservation today, call 828 349-0412, or visit our website,, for rates and other information. We wish everyone an awesome Fourth of July holiday!

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The Great Outdoors RV Resort Receives Good Sam’s Highest Rating

Great Outdoors RV Resort campground

We were recently inspected by Good Sam/Woodall/Trailer Life and were awarded their highest rating! We were given a rating of 10/10*/10, which makes us the only rental RV Park in the State of North Carolina with this rating.

As quoted from Good Sam’s website concerning their grading criteria, “RV parks receive scores from 1 (worse) to 10 (best) in three categories. Campgrounds with a 10/10/10 rating have more facilities, are better maintained, and are more visually appealing than 5/5/5 – rated campgrounds. Less than 1% of parks or campgrounds receive a rating of 10.”

You can imagine that we are thrilled by this great honor. Hard work always pays off!

If you haven’t booked your campsite for this summer, call us today at (855) 349-0431. If you are new to The Great Outdoors RV Resort, expect  friendly staff members, beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains, and a relaxing stay!


Spring 2014

Hello Everyone, We hope you have had a safe and fun filled winter and are ready to come back to the Smoky Mountains. We will open the Great Outdoors RV Resort April 1 to welcome back most of our wonderful Work Campers. The great news is that most of last years work campers are returning this year thus assuring you of the same warm and friendly welcome you have always experienced.

As the news has been reporting energy costs have soared to new highs and we are certainly feeling it, especially the cost of Propane. We heat the pool and all of our buildings with propane. In the last six months the cost of propane has gone up over twice last years price. In order to continue giving our guests the best possible camping experience we have decided to increase the camp site rent by $3.00 per night which still keeps the rate under $40.00 and one of the lowest rates in our area. However, to say special thank you to all of the great folks who have camped at the park since Mary and I bought it we are offering 2013 rates to those guests who book their site prior to May 1.

We have a fun filled year planned for all of our campers and our Activity Director is busy planning on many events. The activities will be posted weekly on our Blog site and also on the park’s bulletin board. The pool is planned to open on Memorial Day and shortly after that we will be introducing twice weekly water aerobics.

Have safe travels and we look forward to welcoming you back this year.

Ron and Mary